False-Flag and Provocation Operations Through U.S. History
Updated 13 August 2021
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False Flag -- An event involving negative consequences (deaths, injuries, loss of face, etc.) that is staged in such a way as to shift suspicion or blame from the perpetrator to a person or group that had nothing to do with that event.
Provocation -- a related concept in which a perpetrator takes an action (or fails to take one) in such a way as to maneuver a person or group into taking a counter action they would not have otherwise taken.

This section is only beginning its development, with categories not yet populated.

  1. Mass shootings (2014-date)
  2. Boston Bombing (2013)
  3. London's 7/7 (2005)
  4. 9/11 (2001)
  5. Oklahoma City (1995)
  6. Gulf War setup (1990)
    1. State Department (April Glaspy) "hands-off" claim
    2. Incubator Babies (video)
  7. Gulf of Tonkin (1965)
  8. Project Northwoods (1962)
  9. Operation Gladio (1945-1980's)
    1. Introduction to Gladio -- Terror expert Tom Secker
      (James Corbett interview, 2013; local MP3)
    2. Strategy of Tension
    3. Gladio B (1990s to date) -- Sibel Edmonds
  10. "Remember the Maine" (Spanish-American War, 1898)
  11. Fort Sumter (1861)
  12. Mexican invasion (Mexican-American War, 1844)
  13. "The Shot Heard Round the World" (Lexington/Concord, American Revolution, 1775)
    1. James Perloff's fascinating Lexington-as-false-flag article
      (local PDF available)
    2. Perloff interviewed by James Corbett
      1. audio mp3 and related links
      2. video (YouTube)
  14. The O.J.Simpson Trial