The Gladio "Strategy of Tension"
Quick Summary

as described by intelligence/terror researcher Tom Secker
in an interview with James Corbett on January 17, 2013
(primarily from times 20:30 to 22:13)
Posted: 25 April 2016

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The idea of the Strategy of Tension is to get one side to create terrorist attacks, and blame it on the other side (e.g. the Gladio right-wing nationalists killing/maiming/kidnapping hundreds in Italy and blaming the Communists and the Left to discredit them) and/or provoke the other side into responding in kind (esp. by infiltrating both sides -- e.g. the British in Northern Ireland). You stir up the pot, you stir up the tension, you stir up the polarization, you stir up the hostility and the suspicion and the hatred and the anger. In doing so, you destroy any real possibility of a kind of rational or democratic political process, and you also create a political vacuum between the two poles, into which you can then pour what you ultimately want to see happen.

This is documented Gladio strategy. Yves Guérin-Sérac wrote a book for the Portuguese Gladio anti-communist mercenary group Aginter Press called Our Political Activity (see also, in which he explicitly said (paraphrasing): "The aim is to cause chaos and polarization, and that will create a kind of moral vacuum into which we can insert our political agenda." That vacuum then becomes your political justification, by which you can justify your own claim to moral superiority.

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