The O.J. Simpson Trial
Updated 7 November 2016
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The O.J. Simpson trial is not in and of itself a false-flag, though as a frame-up operation, it has the taste of one. I'm including it here for two reasons:
  • its result was widely sold and accepted as an issue of race, when in fact it was actually a matter of evidence: people knew little or nothing about the evidence but had strong opinions, and
  • it was contemporaneous with the advent of cable franchise television and the associated ascendency of opinionated talking heads.
As Stephen Singular (below) points out, the trial was the biggest story of 1995, and as such launched a pattern that has metastasized ever since and reshaped our world: the ascendancy of opinion over reality, culminating in the phenomenon of Donald Trump, "who knows nothing about anything and has an opinion about everything." And this has vastly increased the power of false-flag operations.
  1. Legacy of Deception
    Stephen Singular's ground-breaking book on what actually happened -- or, more to the point, didn't happen -- in the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Singular played the key role in exposing the evidence that exonerated Simpson, though the press and talking heads ignored the evidence and claimed the result was racially based.
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