Resources For Those Interested In Looking Deeper Into 9/11
Updated: 1 October 2014

As scarce as truth is, the supply has always been in excess of the demand. -- Josh Billings
Occasionally he stumbled over the truth, but hastily picked himself up and hurried on as if nothing had happened. -- Winston Churchill
The truth is that many of the people who throw around terms like "loopy conspiracy theories" are lazy bullies who, as Zachary Roth put it on CJR Daily, The Columbia Journalism Review's Web site, want to "confer instant illegitimacy on any argument with which they disagree." Instead of facing up to hard questions, they try to suggest that anyone who asks those questions is crazy. -- Paul Krugman
  1. Resources available from Maine libraries
  2. 9/11 Research Websites -- for and against the official story, technical, and photo/video archives
  3. 9/11 Films -- opposed to the official story
  4. Timelines
    1. Complete 9/11 Timeline (1979-present) -- immense searchable database of news items, often ignored or suppressed
    2. Attack Timeline (from 9/11 Review)
  5. Visual Materials Tools
  6. The Rabbit Hole (or Red Pill) -- information that changes your world
    1. Sibel Edmonds -- Terrorism isn't at all what you think;
      victim of the State Secrets Privilege,
      became the most gagged person in U.S. history
    2. Kevin Ryan -- qui bono? ("who benefits"): a more likely "nineteen" perpetrators:
      military officials, government representatives,
      business leaders, non-descript "deep state" operatives
    3. Susan Lindauer -- Iraq was ready to do everything we asked;
      victim of the Patriot Act (more Kafka than Kafka)
  7. 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory -- transcript (with source links) of James Corbett's excellent video spoof (below)
  8. Speculation on explosive possibilities
    (for those who say "how could it possibly have been done," while not claiming this is actually what happened)
    1. A hypothetical blasting scenario, by Jim Hoffman
    2. People Could Have Planted Bombs In the World Trade Center Without Anyone Noticing
  9. The Red Pill (a.k.a. The Rabbit Hole) -- for those who want to look deeper