Execution of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
(Updated: 13 August 2021)
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Conspiracy fact, not conspiracy theory -- In December, 1999, the half-white half-black jury in a month-long civil trial in Memphis, Tennessee, after hearing almost 70 substantive witnesses, took merely an hour to conclude that Dr. King was executed as the result of a conspiracy involving the Memphis police, the mafia, and elements of the FBI, CIA, and U.S. military.

  1. The definitive books by William Pepper
    1. The Plot to Kill King (Amazon hardcover, 2016)
      In Pepper's final book on the King assassination conspiracy, he summarizes what has been presented before, and includes many new details and insights that came from post-2008 contacts with people connected to the event. Over half the book is a series of appendixes, mainly the transcripts of a number depositions of these people.
      1. My Amazon review (PDF; on Amazon)
      2. My extractions of two of the depositions
        1. King's actual death -- by pillow and cessation of life support in the ER where he'd been taken to guarantee he didn't survive
        2. Jesse Jackson's role (if any) -- described in detail by one of those involved in the event.

    2. An Act of State (Amazon hardcover (2003) or softcover (2008))
      An extremely thorough examination of the large amount of evidence completely eliminating the James Earl Ray "lone gunman" official version of King's death, and showing the width of the conspiracy that actually killed him, with a description of the 1999 civil trial that exposed all this to the public and then was quietly hushed up by the mainstream media.
      1. My detailed summary of An Act of State, with page references
      2. The trial
        1. King family press conference
        2. Transcript
          1. HTML (partial) -- King Center,  local copy
          2. PDF (full, 2735pp) -- King Center,  local copy

  2. My Letters to the Editor of the Mount Desert Islander of Bar Harbor, Maine, on the topic.
  3. List of MLK assassination videos
    In the process of downloading related videos, I found longer videos on YouTube often broken into many parts. This is an attempt to pull them all together. It obviously is not exhaustive.
  4. Other helpful references
    1. 6-minute video overview of the case, by Canadian journalist Barrie Zwicker
      Summarizes some of the conspiracy evidence and the complete mainstream press blackout of the 1999 trial, pointing out James Earl Ray couldn't possibly have done it.
    2. Martin Luther King survived shooting, was murdered in hospital: an interview with William Pepper
      Craig McKee does an excellent and extremely thorough job of covering the ground on all of Pepper's investigation.
    3. The Martin Luther King Conspiracy exposed in Memphis (local PDF)
      A very good coverage of the trial, going into detail on many good points   (Jim Douglass, May-June 2000)
    4. Who Killed Martin Luther King? (PDF)
      Another good summary of what the trial showed   (Maria Gilardin, 4 April 2008)