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Dick Atlee,   Updated: 26 September 2017
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There are endless Internet sites defending and doubting the official story of 9/11. In constructing this particular list, I looked for sites that seem comprehensive, at least on the issues they choose to cover, and which don't tend to have a vituperative tone. This last is not, of course, a guarantee of accuracy or usefulness in either direction, but I believe such a tone makes it difficult to approach the material in an analytically useful way (both for the author and the reader). For those who desire a more comprehensive list of sites, many of these have pages or navigation bars pointing to many other such sites.

Doubter sites
Debunker sites
General reference
Photo/video repositories
Official Government Reports

Tabbed browsing -- Many of these sites are "deep," in the sense that they have a hierarchy of pages with many branches. Exploring such a site is almost impossible unless you resort to tabbed browsing, for which an explanation has been provided.

Doubter Sites

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
(Richard Gage, et al) This site is run by an organization representing over 2000 architects, engineeers (structural, mechanical, chemical) and scientists who call for a new independent investigation of 9/11. They deal strictly with evidence that the destruction of World Trade Center was accomplished by means of explosives and incendiaries. They offer a detailed slide show (also available on DVD or online as 911 Blueprint for Truth), and a followup video (in DVD or online) 9/11 Explosive Evidence -- Experts Speak Out in several lengths. Two of their article series of particular interest are:

  • Adam Taylor's Debunking the Real 9/11 Myths: Why Popular Mechanics Can't Face up to Reality, parts 1   2   3   4   5   6   7
  • Chris Sarns's Fraud Exposed in NIST WTC7, parts 1   2   3   4   5

David Chandler's Short WTC Videos
Retired high school physics teacher David Chandler made mincemeat of the NIST analyses of the WTC "collapses" by very careful watching -- and straightforward analysis of -- numerous videos of the events. They are easy to understand and fascinating.

9/11 Research
(Jim Hoffman) A very detailed, articulate examination of all aspects of 9/11, with original commentary and debunking of both debunkers and doubters.

Journal of 9/11 Studies
(Steven Jones et al) Peer reviewed research papers (PDFs) on a wide range of technical aspects of 9/11. These appear well-researched and well-thought out, but some have criticised the peer-review idea as not being as formal as used in paper journals.

Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice
Lays out the various pro and con theories, with papers pro and con all of these. "'Scholars' emphasizes a scholarly and civil approach to inquiry," but of the 600 members not all are academics.

9/11 Review
(Jim Hoffman?) An apparently companion site to 9/11 Research, has articles, critiques (of both doubters and debunkers), letters, and an overall breakdown into three categories -- Attack/Coverup, Means/Motive/Precedent, and InfoWarfare (the press, and methods used on both sides to attack/confuse doubters).
(Note: not to be confused with http://911review.ORG, home to the encyclopedia and search tool referred to below.)

9/11 Consensus "Best Evidence" Panel
The 24-member panel does a "rigorous medical consensus model" of peer review to establish agreement on researched points about what happened on 9/11. They have go date established 44 "Consensus Points," grouped into 10 categories (General, Twin Towers, Building 7, Pentagon, the flights, military exercises, political/military commands, hijackers, phone calls, and official videos).

Pilots for 911 Truth
Licensed pilots and aircraft experts provide a huge amount of very specific, often technical, often stunning information about the planes involved in 9/11, using government records and interviews with witnesses. They offer a series of DVD videos on NYC, the Pentagon, and Flight 93 (Pennsylvania), and have an active discussion forum in which its principals are occasionally at odds with other excellent researchers.

    Citizens Investigation Team (CIT)
    Craig Ranke and Aldo Marquis focus on the Pentagon, and have a close relationship with the Pilots for 9/11 Truth on this issue. Their principal work has been on producing videos with intriguing evidence that the "Pentagon plane" flew in at a very different angle from what both doubters and debunkers assume, and as a result they are attacked from both sides.

9/11 Blogger
9/11 Blogger is perhaps the most active doubter forum -- kind of a counterpart to the JREF debunkers (below). Many of the principal researchers post there, and there is a lot of interesting give and take. Unfortunately (IMHO), the moderators have decided to purify their message and block those with alternative doubter views that the moderators feel might be planters of disinformation. Among the victims of this policy are the 9/11 Pilots and the CIT (above).

9/11 ConspiracyTV Weblog
The person who does this blog could pass as an excellent example of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and is truly fascinating. He takes a particular topic and examines it down the a "microscopic" level, documenting all the way.

WTC Demolition Analysis
A large collection of original detailed analytical pages and links to a variety of other documents asserting or attempting to debunk various questionings of the Official Story.

Debunker Sites

I offer these as what seem like some of the least vituperative of the debunking sites. Some of them, particularly when they get into fairly technical information, can seem quite solid -- they certainly have got my adrenaline up at times in contradicting my own sacred 9/11 cows.

Cautionary Note -- But I've generally found -- though not always -- that if I pursue both sides of such issues far enough, the debunkers' arguments turn out to be based on misinformation, mis-analysis of data, or mis-characterition of the points they are arguing against. It's always good to treat all arguments with a degree of skepticism until you've really looked for both (or all) sides.

In addition to these sites, JREF (below) offers a compendium of "Resources for Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Theories" at

Debunking 911
One of the best of the debunking sites. It seems thorough while not being (at least overtly) snide. It damaged a number of my own strongly-held opinions. The owner goes out of his way to say that he believes the real conspiracy was the neocon group (the former members of PNAC) in the Bush administration who used the attack as a pretext for war, though he rejects the possibility that they facilitated or augmented the attacks.

911 Myths
Another very good site. It says it is not interested in debunking theories, but in details, and that's what it does try to do. Their motto is excellent: "Don't trust a site just because it's telling you what you want to believe. Don't believe us without evaluating our arguments and checking the references we provide, either (we're as likely to make mistakes as anyone else). Look into the claims yourself, discover both sides of the argument, and make your own mind up. The truth deserves nothing less." The only catch, of course, is that sometimes there's more than two sides, and it isn't always easy to make up one's mind. We're not experts, either.

The Journal of Debunking 9/11 Conspiracies
When I saw the "peer-reviewed" papers phrase, I first thought this was a snide take-off on the Journal of 9/11 Studies site. But it appears to be a serious, useful site.

James Randi is a magician and founder of the Skeptics Society. The Skeptics specialize in debunking alleged magic and paranormal phenomena. They are very good at some of this, yet surprisingly blind when it comes to evidence contradicting the official story of 9/11. But they do a good job of challenging 9/11 Truth, and it's good to have such relentless opponents.

AE911 Truth.INFO
(Joseph Nobles) A point-by-point response to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth's Blueprint for Truth slide show. (The owner describes himself as a liberal and agnostic who graduated from a Bible college.)

Screw Loose Change
I hesitated about including this site (named, obviously, for its attacks on the seminal "9/11 Truth" video Loose Change in its several versions), because it is so vituperative and ad hominem in its approach, and frequently (and very persuasively) raises false issues in its attacks on doubters. But it is a source of links to many debunking sites, and I could justifiably be called manipulative for excluding it.

General Reference

Complete 9/11 Timeline
(Paul Thompson) There are other timelines (Google: timeline 9/11), but this one, compiled from thousands of news articles and videos and government documents, covering a span from the 1970's through to today, is probably the most thorough and trustworthy.

Attack Timeline
(Jim Hoffman)  I've also created a perhaps slightly-more-usable localversion.

9/11 Search Tool
Provides a keyword/phrase search of either the 9/11 related sections on the site, or any of a large number of external doubter sites.

9/11 Encyclopedia
A comprehensive collection of a LARGE number of facts. Sections: Webites (eclectic), People, Topics. Finding things: words-in-titles, words, and the search tool (above). Caution: although apparently frequently updated, much of the work done (judging from the page update dates) was back in 2003, and some things have been debunked (e.g., the CNN "passenger manifests").


9/11 Data Sets
A huge compendium of data (text, video, photos) gathered from many Freedom-Of-Information requests, on just about any topic you could wish for. But you have to have a good idea of what you're looking for, or overwhelm is inevitable!

WTC Modelling and Simulation
(Lon Waters)  This is a thorough documentation of floor and column data that apparently had dreams of creating a complete model of the Twin Towers, but seems to have stopped after the acquisition of data was complete. The unique core-column feature consists of a set of pages that each describe one of the core columns, providing the image of the cross section of each ~3-floor section of that column, and an animated gif graphic that shows the cross-section changing as you rise through the tower.

The WTC1-2 Core
More useful contextual information about the functional parts of the core, their roles in supporting various aspects of the buildings, and how these roles fit the observed features of the collapse (not the NIST analysis).

Photo/Video Repositories

"Links to the best Photo Archives"
A good, comprehensive set of links to a large number of 9/11-related photo archives compiled by the SharpPrinting administrator (who compiled the following archive for his own site, which appears to be a T-shirt screen-printing site -- you just never know...).

World Trade Center: Fires, Collapses, and Debris
Self-description: "Welcome to the Worlds Single Best Photo Archive Capturing the WTC Demolitions." Collections covering fire progression, debris, construction, and "specialty" collections (studies of the core-remainder "spire" and oxyacetylene torch cuts (to distinguish from thermite cutter charges)).

Video Evidence of the Destruction of the World Trade Center Skyscrapers
(Jim Hoffman)  A collection of short videos of the "collapse" of the Twin Towers, from varying directions and distances, most of which also offer navigatable frame-sequences of the videos, so you can step through the videos to watch closely what was happening.

Flamesong Videos
A large collection of more-than-just-a-clip 9/11 videos, though by no means all of them. Many are for sale on DVD from other sources; I'm not sure how "legitimate" the presence of these on the site is, but that's a separate issue.

YouTube 9/11 Videos  (mostly short clips)
Use the YouTube search tool: type "911" and "9/11" followed by a space. When you type the next letter, a list of categories beginning with that letter appear. If you type a second letter, the list is thinned to categories beginning with those two letters -- which often includes additional ones not shown at first. A list of relevant possibilities based on the first letter follows. I've omitted a few stupid ones, and all that start with the same word.

as it happened
building 7
falling man
george bush
ground zero