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Dial 9/11 for Evidence
Instructor: Dick Atlee

Location: Southwest Harbor Public Library
Course Meets: Tuesdays 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Course Size: 5-12 students

Starts: January 15
Ends: March 5 12

Page updated: March 12, 2013

Description: The events surrounding 9/11 changed this country's course, culture and world role. In the years since, a large body of evidence has emerged that, if true, would indicate that public understanding of 9/11 is seriously flawed. This course lays out the evidence -- text and video -- for the various conflicting official stories, and for various often-conflicting alternative stories, to enable participants to better make informed judgments about what happened before, on, and after that day.
Pre-requisite: acceptance of the term "conspiracy theory" as a technical term, not a perjorative.

Instructor: Richard Atlee. "I've been doing research (books, web, films) on the events surrounding 9/11 since early 2006, have amassed a large collection of research materials, taught this course for ASC in Winter, 2009, and did a well-received Coffee Clash presentation in March 2012. I've become aware of much new evidence related to 9/11 since I taught the 2009 course."

Course Materials

  1. Initial Materials (provided by ASC and Dick)
    1. Book: The New Pearl Harbor, Revisited, David Ray Griffin ("NPHR")
    2. DVD: 9/11: Blueprint for Truth -- Detailed slide show on the World Trade Center (WTC) buildings (2008; 120 mins; Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911))
    3. DVD: 9/11: Explosive Evidence -- Experts Speak Out -- 40 experts from various disciplines comment on the WTC destruction (2012, 88min, AE911)
    4. Handouts:
      1. "The Ultimate 9/11 'Truth' Showdown" -- Dr. David Ray Griffin and Matt Taibbi  (contents)
      2. "CIA Instructions to Media Assiets" (1967)
      3. "Propaganda" (Dr. Nancy Snow)
      4. "911 Investigator" (AE911Truth newspaper)
      5. Information cards
        1. "The Explosive Demolition Hypothesis" for World Trade Center #1, #2, #7 (enumeration of evidence consistent with explosives, inconsistent with impact/fire)
        2. "WTC7 impossible Collapse" (a more specific look at WTC7"
        3. "11 Remarkable Facts About 9/11"

  2. Introduction Slide Show   (Jan 15)
    Thinking about evidence; precedents, basic 9/11 info; research sites; the press
    1. Power Point format  (2.1MB, 113 slides)

  3. Building 7 Slide Show   (Jan 22)
    The collapse of WTC Building 7 was completely un-expectable and due to fire alone. Or was it? The "smoking gun" of 9/11?
    1. Power Point format  (15 Meg, 163 slides)

  4. Twin Towers Slide Show   (Jan 29)
    Evaluating the evidence that impact and fires did not (and could not) bring down World Trade Center 1 and 2
    1. Power Point format  (8.1 Meg, 201 slides)

  5. Pentagon Slide Show   (Feb 5)
    What's wrong with the official story, and why is the Pentagon one of the biggest controversies within the 9/11 Truth movement?
    1. Power Point format  (2.5 Meg, 69 slides)

    (3-class hiatus)

  6. Flights of Fancy Slide Show   (Mar 5)
    The statistically impossible failure to intercept, fake tapes, false testimony that maybe wasn't, and the hijackers that maybe weren't. (Note: this title is a nod to David Ray Griffin's lecture on the topic.)
    1. Power Point format  (1.8 Meg, 94 slides)

  7. Before/After 9/11 Slide Show   (Mar 12)
    9/11 didn't suddenly happen and then go away. There was much context that preceded it, and much that followed.
    1. Power Point format  (2.8 Meg, 91 slides)

    Note: much of the following material has not been updated since 2009

  8. For Further Research
    1. List of Useful Research Sites  (doubters, debunkers, general, technical, photo/video repositories)
      1. Tabbed browsing  (essential for exploring complex hierarchical websites)
      2. WayBack for finding those "disappeared" old pages
      3. Acronyms and abbreviations
      4. Unit conversions for handling technical arguments
    2. Multimedia Research Tools
      (screen capture, video downloading/playing/extracting)
    3. Official Government Reports  (FEMA, Congress, EPA, 911 Commission, NIST)

  9. Videos
  10. Library -- Borrowable DVD's and Books
  11. Popular Mechanics' 2005 article: The 9/11 Lies Are Out There   [original source]
    1. PM's radio discussion   (an hour, 32MB)   [original source]

  12. Critiques of debunkers by doubters
    1. "The Ultimate 9/11 Debate (Matt Taibbi vs. David Ray Griffin, PDF: 212K, 44pp)
          Table of contents  (PDF, 1p)
    2. Critique of Popular Mechanics 2005 article   [original source]
    3. Response by AE911Truth to Chris Mohr's 128 points
    4. Response to Alexander Cockburn's Nation-of-Change Sep 2011 piece (Dick Atlee)
    5. Response to Popular Mechanics WTC7 Aug 2008 piece (Dick Atlee)

  13. Critiques of class materials by debunkers
    1. Critique of 911 Mysteries video   (772K, 132pp)   [original source]
    2. Critique of Debunking 9/11 Debunking, chapter 3  (2.2Meg, 323pp)   [original source]
    3. Critique of A&E's 911 Blueprint for Truth video slide show
      This is clearly a site-in-progress -- the outlines are there, but only a small amount of actual material is yet present.
    4. Battle between Drs. Steven Jones and Frank Greening over iron-rich microspheres   (evidence for use of thermite at the World Trade Center, or not?)

  14. Articles

Homework for Sessions
(optional, but desirable)
  1. Jan 15: Handout: Ultimate 9/11 'Truth' Showdown   (Contents)
          "CIA Instructions to Media Assets"  (1967)
          "Propaganda" (Dr. Nancy Snow)
  2. Jan 22: Building 7: NPHR pp. 47-58
          Read Griffin's SCADS in plain sight piece
          Read my response to PM's Aug 2008 debunking article on WTC7
  3. Jan 29: Twin Towers: NPHR pp. ix-xxv, 10-46
    Optional (!):
    1. Look at the Popular Mechanics Lies article (above)
    2. Read the 9/11 Research critique of it.
    3. You can also try listening to PM's radio program   (an hour, 32MB)
  4. Feb 5: Pentagon: NPHR pp. 58-109
  5. (no subsequent assignments)