Letter from Mississippi -- Parents' Pittsburgh COFO/Bail-Fund Notes -- 1964-65
(father's 4x6 note paper)
Posted: 1 July 2013
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  Phila arrest, trial in Meridian
  2nd biggest city (good place to be)

  fewer local people to carry on
  spg. means much more in Miss.

Med. Comte for Human Rights
  members in Chi.

Les. going to Chi. in a week

Biloxi easy in Winter

Don Hamer -- Pghburgher in

Defense fund. -- legal fees

Call Bob Lavelle on bail fund

33 projects
  (not so much effort to fit individuals
  to particular jobs -- everyone expected
  to do everything)

White volunteers mostly in centers,
  Negroes in outlying field work

Dick should talk w/ Bob Lavelle, Jr. --
  (who will prob. try to persuade
  to go to Columbus)

Many as young as Dick

Freedom Sch. teach

Voter Regis.

Meetings on Miss
  James Silver Meet (ACL) on 17th,
    Skyho 8:30
  Don Cameron (Hattiesburg, Miss.)
    Lavelle's house (COFO meet)
    speaks 9:00, Thus. 10th
    433 L    Andover Ter.

20th Book Sale for COFO
  2-5 PM 1500 Dennison Ave.

Truck to go w/supplies to Miss.

Hq. to opened on Highland in mo.

Much volunteer work needed
  Sarah Corrigan [phone #]

Bull. of Friends of COFO -- Mo.
  $2 donation if possible

Need more bail money

Radio interview w/Paul Long last nite.

Sandra Chernitz

Wire - permission to Dick
  or Call Sat.

Check w/Mrs. Falk --
  access to $500 bail


Leaving Sun. or M
  [October 25?]

Back Nov. 3rd

Snick office in Atlanta

Jim Bolton
  Stud. NonViol Coord Comte
  765 E. Oakwood St.

Leaves 1:30 Sat. - ar. 10 AM Sun.
  Orien Sun nite

Be careful not to skip bail.
  -- obey all orders

(as far as I can determine)

Margaret Dobbins -- there last summer, going

Have $1600 in bail fund now free.

$500 to W.U. -- Lavalle can send
  also (to be replaced out of COFO

NY Bail fund --

  Ed. of COFO News -- killed

Western Union Teleg. Co.
  281-7560 Smithfield St.

Deposit for money order.

see Mr. Meyers, in day

Mr. Dank, night manager

Keep cert. check for $500
  made to Western Union<

Who is to receive money
  (find out from whoever calls about it)
  (usually COFO atty
  add & phone no

Southern W.U. offices held up money --
  can threaten Pgh. Customer rel. office
  w/Fed Comm. Comsn.