Letter from Mississippi -- July 3, 1965 (from home)
Posted: 1 July 2013
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  July 3, 1965
[Monroeville, Pa.-- from my father]

Dear Dick,


Identifications (driver's license, etc.). I sent these to you by registered mail, and they were signed for in Washington by Tiva (?) Smith on Thursday., 7/1. Suggest you try to track them down immediately.

Do you want my lightweight (thin, gray), portable typewriter down there. (If in doubt, don't say yes, but you may borrow it if you really need it.)

Bail fund. -- Mrs. Falk tells me that the Pgh. friends of COFO bail fund is available for all Pittsburghers. But there are still a lot of things about it that I don't understand very clearly. Here are key things (as I now understand them), which you should know -- and which COFO, SNCC or MFDP may have explained to you already (they should have, and I hope you pay attention to such things!): let me know if I have something screwed up!

1) Keep us (me and/or PFCOFO) informed at all times where you are.

2) Know (memorize or keep on a safe place on you). The name and phone number of some local person whom you can contact -- usually the project director.

3) Even under Miss. law the right of habeas corpus permits you to make one phone call. Thus, this one call must be effective. If you are fairly sure that the project director is available, call him. If he is also in jail, or unavailable for some other reason, call your Pittsburgh contact (If you can't reach me, call one of the following:

    Robert R. Lavelle-- home ([deleted]), Off.([deleted]).
        Office address: 3001 Center Ave.
        He is treasurer of PFCOFO and the bail fund.

    Leslie or Joy Falk -- ([deleted]). Joy is vice-chairman.

    Livingston Johnson -- Home ([deleted]). Off.([deleted]). He is chairman of PFCOFO

In this phone call, you need to say (a) where you are, (b) how much the bail is, (c) how the bail can be arranged (i.e., who to send it to locally.)

One reason Joy gives for calling Pgh. is that the local Mississippi COFO lawyers are usually going wild with all they have to do, and may not be able to handle an individual call for help.

One question on which you may be able to get some first hand info: There are so few people from Pittsburgh down there that there is plenty of money in the bail fund here for Pittsburghers. But there seems to be no general agreement here on how to make funds available for local Miss. people, if desired. Would it be useful to the movement there if I were to put into a bail fund some of the funds from your college savings, on the assumption that it will be back by the time you need it?