Letter from Mississippi -- July 2, 1965
Posted: 1 July 2013
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  2 July 1965
[Washington, DC]
Dear Dad,

All quiet here. I'm making a dash over to the post office to pick up some stamps and envelopes (it looks like someone stole mine, though I may eventually find them). I'm sending back the other half of my ticket now that I've found out for sure that I'm going. Also, I'm going to file a change of address since I haven't got the identification cards and the P.O. doesn't have them yet. The new address is

507-1/2 N. Farish St.
Jackson, Miss.

We only saw one congressman yesterday: Curtin (Pa) on the Elections subcommittee, no soap. People are generally pessimistic about the challenge's chances, but the lobby apparently provided the party leadership with information they had needed and been unable to get previously. I thought it was a tremendous experience, and, with a few notable exceptions, very enjoyable. Got to run, if I'm going to get the bus. Will write on the way down or on arrival. Good luck.

[a note at bottom indicated I did get the identification cards, on Friday night]