End Game: The Bigger Picture of Surveillance and Comprehensive Control
Updated: 4 September 2020

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IMPORTANT: The degree of mainstream attack on, and censorship of, this issue has reached such a fever pitch that those who arrive on this page may believe that what is described here is tinfoil hat conspiracy theory, having never been exposed to the hard evidence that the policies, tools, and programs described in the materials below are very much present in the real world. Whether one wishes to ascribe their presence and coordination to "conspiracy," or to the misguided confluence of a number of well-intentioned technologies, is not the important point. They are real, and their existence and trajectory of development pose a severe threat to what we have traditionally thought of as "freedom."

The coronavirus pandemic has been portrayed, whether or not through intentional fear-mongering, as a potentially mortal threat to us as individuals and to our families, neighbors, friends, and associates. The fear produced by this has induced whole populations to acquiesce to government intrusion on their lives on a level which, in many parts of the world, would have been unacceptable, even unthinkable, before the pandemic's outbreak.

In the years leading up to this, a significant number of technological and medical efforts aimed at surveillance and control of populations were in development and/or under consideration. But with a few exceptions, they remained on the shelf, lacking the means for achieving mass buy-in. Once the pandemic response's policy of fear generation began, however, and under its cover, these have accelerated and have been moving toward an increasingly inevitable conclusion.

The previous iteration of this process, begun by the 9/11 events, set in motion the War on Terror and the long chain of restrictions on, and violations of, fundamental civil liberties in much of the West. That process of incremental restriction, based on fear of terrorism, eventually became impeded by (a) a lack of further incidents of apparent terrorism on such a grand scale, and (b) a growing public awareness of the reality of false-flag events and a general suspicion of government. Getting the process back on track called for a shift of foundation away from "terror" and toward a more durable, fundamental generator of fear. A global pandemic, based on a scary novel virus, was first predicted. Then the response to it was modeled (description, official videos), though not for the first time; there have been others.

And then it occurred. The presence of the disease is clear. But regardless of whether its appearance was deliberate, or a random but awaited event, the policies unleashed as a result have been part of a clear prior plan.

Most of us – mainstream or alternative – have found ourselves caught up in the pandemic's conceptual web, arguing over virus origins, death rates, appropriateness of response measures, and getting tangled up in political echo chambers. This might easily be laid solely at the feet of the mainstream media and powerful politicians, but even most of the alternative media is focused on this fray. However, there is a much larger process taking place behind the scenes, which has been long in the making. This might be appropriately described as the End Game, the product of which is a world completely under surveillance and control.

Such a dystopian world can easily, and perhaps understandably, be dismissed as "conspiracy theory" by anyone unaware of the actual widely-documented policies and programs already in place. But it is a world that is becoming ever harder to ignore, as harsh police-state-like responses spread and even the mainstream media begins to take note.

The list below offers a set of rich resources which I believe are sufficient for opening up the End Game for your examination. Because of the massive amount of information available on this topic, I've tried to limit it to what I believe is sufficient for a basic understanding of the whole picture. But if your time is limited, please consider just the three items marked with a *** as essential, starting with the Who is Bill Gates documentary. For audio MP3 fans, I've provided downloadable MP3s for most of the videos for which none are provided online.

  1. Biosecurity and Politics ***
    This short essay by Giorgio Agamben is perhaps the best introduction to this topic I've seen, though I appreciated it better after James Corbett's Who is Bill Gates documentary, below. It elegantly lays out what is "nothing less than the creation of a sort of 'health terror' as an instrument for governing what are called 'worst case scenarios'" – the ultimate, durable successor to the War on Terror.
  2. Who is Bill Gates? ***
    This four-part documentary by James Corbett, available in video, audio, and a fully-source-linked transcript, covers a large part of the agenda being promoted behind the scenes – as Corbett describes it: "the takeover of public health has been used to railroad the world into a headlong rush to
    • mandatory vaccinations [with medical records recorded on the person's person, by a tattoo or a chip],
    • biometric identification [recorded in databases and required for many of the activities of daily life], and
    • digital payments [i.e., the cashless society, where every transaction is tracked and can be arbitrarily accepted or rejected, depending on your Social Credit Score]."
    • guaranteed annual income [which will become widely accepted as artificial intelligence and robotics remove the vast majority of jobs, a sole source of financial support also dependent on a good Social Credit Score]
    Corbett, who has been covering the developing trajectory of these technologies for years, lays out clearly the way each of these interlocks with the others toward the creation of a worldwide control grid of the entire population. His piece focuses on Bill Gates because Gates has openly inserted his influence into so many aspects of that agenda. However, Corbett emphasizes that the issue is not Bill Gates the individual, but the ideology underlying what he and others are aiming at.
    9-minute Overview ***
    In a recent interview, Corbett had the opportunity to summarize several parts of this picture. I've created an 9-minute set of audio extracts for a quick (though incomplete) introduction to this landscape.
  3. Why Big Oil Conquered the World
    This second half of James Corbett's Big Oil documentary provides an understanding of the role of oil billions in various key movements of the 20th century that constitute important background for the Gates documentary (above). These include primarily the following movements, through which Corbett analyzes a common, connecting thread:
    1. the Eugenics movement
    2. the Technocracy movement
    3. the Environmental Movement
    4. the Green Revolution and genetic engineering
  4. Plandemic
    For including this heavily-censored 2-part documentary in this list, I've received a priori and inappropriate pushback from people who are not familiar with the material it actually covers and the qualifications of the people interviewed in it. Regardless, it is included here because it clearly lays out the dynamics that enable the players pushing the biosecurity regime to successfully pursue their aims, in spite of what would otherwise be serious pushback from an outraged public. It exposes the corruption, some of the principal players, and the methods used to smear, marginalize, and censor those highly-qualified individuals who speak raise questions about what is being done under the guise of "public health." The level of detail included below is provided to counter the massive smear/censorship campaign that exploded after the film's release.

    1. Plandemic 1
      This first part introduces molecular biologist Dr. Judy Mikovits (pronounced mickovits). Her career was destroyed as a result of her attempts to warn about her team's discovery of contamination of the blood supply by a carcinogenic retrovirus, which apparently entered the human population by way of animal cell cultures used to produce vaccines. The film covers the broad background of her story, but those interested in the scientific details of her work can find much more in the interviews and books listed below. The film was released on May 4, and was almost immediately banned on most major social media platforms after it was viewed over 4 million times.   (local MP3; 26:09)
    2. Plandemic 2: Doctornation ***
      This main feature documentary, released 3 months later, explores the significance of the systemic corruption in the medical research system and the role played in that corruption by specific people who have been (and are) intimately involved in the pandemic event and responses to it. It also goes into detail on the largest of the "independent fact checkers" (Snopes/Google, Facebook/Politifact, Wikipedia) that are exerting a rapidly tightening control over such information. This video, too, was immediately banned, but is available for free streaming in a number of places, a few of which are listed below.   (local MP3; 1:15:28)
      1. Locations (some have been taken down temporarily by denial-of-service attacks):
          ISE Media (1:15:30)
          BitChute (1:15:30)
          London Real TV (1:24:05; 4:52 intro)
            This page includes break-out segments of the various topics covered, convenient for sharing
      2. Interviews with creator Mikki Willis
        These "making-ofs" are particularly helpful in coming to appreciate the background and veracity of the film:
          with Del Bigtree on Highwire (w/intro; segment starts at 1:05:09)   (local MP3, 30:32)
          in depth, with Brian Rose on London Real TV (1:52:02)   (local MP3, 1:50:38)
          with Ben Swann on ISE (17:26)   (local MP3)

    3. Dr. Mikovits interviews
      Helpful details for those interested in the truth about her scientific background and research (courtesy of the Perspectives on the Pandemic series).
      1. Episode 10, April 16, 1:12:31   (local MP3)
      2. Episode 11, May 15, 1:09:39   (local MP3)
    4. David Martin interview
      David Martin is a central person in the Plandemic 2 documentary. The information he provides in the film has been erroneously contradicted by "fact checkers" who are apparently unaware of why he is in a position to speak accurately about the topics he covers. The weekly program The Highwire challenged him on these points. In that interview, he effectively addressed every one those contradictions.
      1. Highwire program (interview starts at 1:02:07)
      2. Audio of that interview (local MP3, 50:45)
    5. Dr. Mikovits's books
      In depth coverage of the significant scientific research she conducted and the bitter reaction to its implications that destroyed her career, providing the detail necessary to put to rest the "fact checker" attacks on her. (co-author: Kent Hickenlively)
      1. Plague
      2. Plague of Corruption
  5. The push to get rid of "legacy systems" to pave the way for artificial intelligence systems designed for surveillance and control (and beat China to the #1 position on AI)
    1. Examples: cash and credit card payments, car ownership, human doctors
    2. Whitney Webb's exposé
      1. article  (local PDF)
      2. interview, 30:04  (local MP3)
    3. The key May 2019 document from the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) (local copy)
  6. The Internet of Bodies – The World Economic Forum's vision (in cooperation with McGill University, one of the contractors for the CIA's MKULTRA 1953-1973 mind-control research program) of the human body as a technology platform to be connected into huge databases.   (28pp)
    quadrant model of body technology
  7. Examples – a very limited selection, since to cover the gamut would be dysfunctionally overwhelming.
    1. Africa to Become Testing Ground for "Trust Stamp" Vaccine Record and Payment System  (10 July 2020)
      A new biometric identity platform partnered with the Gates-funded GAVI vaccine alliance and Mastercard will launch in West Africa and combine COVID-19 vaccinations, cashless payments, and potential law enforcement applications.
    2. The Largest Social Experiment on Earth – Aadhaar, the world's largest biometric database, containing a record for every one of India's billion-plus residents. What could go wrong? More in James Corbett's Gates documentary (above).