ABC2Win Print Settings
(used for almost all the PNG screen-shot "sheet music" in the collection


Title Txt: Yes left offset=0 top offset=0 TimesNewRoman bold 15pt
Source: Yes left offset=0 top offset=.3 TimesNewRoman italic 12pt
Composer: Yes right offset=0 top offset=0 TimesNewRoman bold 12pt
Rhythm: Yes right offset=0 top offset=.3 Arial regular 7pt

Page Layout Settings

Margin and Gutter
    Title Block.55
    Gutter margin0

Note and Bar End Characteristics
    Note spacing.008
    Duration of Beamed Grace Notes1/16
    Grace note stemsWith beams, stems up
    Auto Thick/Thin Bar Endsyes

Scaling and Staff Values
    Scale percent80
    Space beetween staves.532
    Auto set guitar data above staffYes
    Fixed guitar chord position-0.15

Tune Space and Layout
    Space between tunes.516
    Indent first line0
    Show clef on every lineyes
    Justify last lineyes