Freighter Life
Latest revision: 24 April 2013

In going through my father's files after his death, discarding things at a rapid rate, I was fortunate enough to register on this little pamphlet as something of potential interest before discarding it. It opens up a window on a part of the past -- "catching a tramp steamer" (well, maybe not a tramp) -- about which I knew nothing. I couldn't find the pamphlet on the web, so I scanned in the text and photos, and present it here for your enjoyment.

Freighter Life  (HTML version)
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Table of Contents

1.  What is a Freighter?
2.  Where Can I Go?
3.  American Flag Vessels
        List: Routes
        Table: Freighter Types
4.  Foreign Flag Vessels
5.  Your Home Afloat
        Passenger Cargo Ships
6.  Smooth Sailing
        Anti-Rolling Tanks
        The Meierform Hull
7.  Life on the High Seas
        Never a Dull Moment
        Chow Call
        Fashion Note
8.  Ship's Business
        Table: Ship Crew
9.  Facts about Ships and the Sea
        How Big Is a Ship
        Tables: Wind, Turbulence, Visibility