Letters from Mississippi -- 1965 Columbia Tied-up Phone Problem
Caller calls, doesn't talk, doesn't hang up, phone tied up indefinitely
(father's 4x6 note paper)
Posted: 1 July 2013
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Dick's Phone Problem

Bell Phone VP
    Sam Line -- Livy Jackson knows

forms for prosecution

Trace calls only if certain pattern
    -- have to put "on trap" -- record of calls.

Trace only if agree to prosecute

Woman answer call & say "this is
    special opr."

cannot check single call

cannot trace if 2-party line
    not if from coinbox

If on trap, can tell phone no.
    even if not connected.

Call Bus. office, in Columbia

Don't discuss talk w/Livingston

Will call Atlanta

Bell now has alarm system -- in Pgh
    couldn't tie up line

Miss Peterson (Mgr Mr. Fry) --
    Monroeville Bell Phone
    May help to keep party on line,
        but depends on equip.

Mr. Sam Line -- Pgh. Bell

Physically possible for some phones to
    hold up line, depends.

Atlanta Hq. for So. Bell
Sam Line


Tues, S. Bell people in Miss.
    Aug 5 back in service

Columbia -- CDO
    "small commun. dial office."
    No auto call block alarm.
        because no one in office
        to clear it

No "traps" possible

[who is operator
    "Operator" is in toll center --
    [no opr. in Ligonier]

Govt. interested only if commun.
    definitely hampered

Why isn't the breaking of
    connection automatic in
    automatic call block alarm.

What if phone unusable when
    emergency comes up --
    dangerous situation

Pay full amt. when not getting
    full service