Letter from Mississippi -- July 11, 1965 (from home)
Posted: 1 July 2013
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  July 11, 1965
[Monroeville, Pa.-- from my mother]

Dear Dick,


I heard Edward Morgan, a few nights ago; he owned up that SNCC was really upset (mild word) by the Coleman appointment, but hoped that they would simmer down and realize that the final word on appointees (Eastland's group I believe) would never allow any liberal name to go through, and that the Coleman appointment just about threw them into heart attacks, since they consider him so radical; their dilemma was that he is southern, and they couldn't very well refuse him; Morgan also pointed out that with the governor of Florida, Coleman was the only other southern governor who ordered school desegregation. If politics is the science of the possible in human affairs and is based on compromise-consensus (is that a possible term??), then the Coleman's story is an excellent example. Actually it is necessary that some hold "pure" views, so that the results grow out of a well enough balanced tension that some progress takes place (the direction usually being away from the reactionary "purists" and away from the status quo -- because the upset in the first place called for a motion in the liberal direction..... this is one of those things that are clearer in my mind than on my tongue....)


I am glad you brought up the opportunity for the antagonisms to get into the open; I hope those in charge of the sessions were able to do more than handle them, for airing antagonisms is the first step to resolving them -- or to burying them deeply enough to ensure real explosion. Their rationalization about the "grass roots" is sound and perfect strategy; but the racial-human need goes beyond this; if all of you are dedicated to the movement than the rationalization is adequate relief; if you're not, then, be careful. (I wrote you one other letter so this is number #2.) Good luck, sweetie. I am writing to Clark and will save you a copy of the letter.