GMO -- Interviews
Dr. Stephanie Seneff
Updated: 14 March 2014

This is my set of notes on one of a "GMO mini-summit" series of interviews put together by John and Ocean Robbins of Food Revolution in October 2013, many of them conducted by Jeffrey Smith of the Institute For Responsible Technology and author of the international best-seller Seeds of Deception and the comprehensive Genetic Roulette.

Topics Qualifications Highlights

  • senior Research Scientist at MIT
  • published over 170 refereed articles on themes of food and health
  • with Anthony Samsel, published article in the peer-reviewed journal Entropy showing how the active ingredient in Roundup -- glyophosate, now almost ubiquitous in air and drinking water -- may be far more damaging than is commonly recognized. (see note below)

  • Glyphosate chemistry
    • disrupts shikimate metabolic pathway
      • found only in plants, so "harmless" -- but gut bacteria are plants and are disrupted
      • disrupts production of aromatic amino acids -- e.g. tryptophan, tyrosine
      • creates instead toxic phenols -- e.g. p-Cresol (C.diff)
    • in liver, blocks cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes
      • detoxifiers
      • Vitamin D activation
      • cholesterol homeostasis
      • aromatase
      • endothelial nitric oxide synthase (joins cholesterol and sulfate)
    • chelates +2 minerals (Ca, Mn, Mg, Zn, Fe, Co), unavailable as co-enzymes
    • damaged sulfate production and transport creates sulfate metabolite imbalance (shrinks cells; damages extra-cellular glucose storage capability, threatening high-energy-use cells in brain and muscle)
    • damages gut-bacteria Tryptophan production
      • Macrophages attacking gut pathogens use what Tryptophan is left for protection
      • less Tryptophan for serotonin production
    • preferentially disrupts beneficial gut bacteria, leaving pathogens
    • pathogens -> toxins -> inflammation -> leaky gut -> toxins via blood throughout body
    • bacteria that break down glyphosate create ammonia
  • Formaldehyde -- high levels in Roundup Ready corn
  • Potential contribution to health consequences
    • brain / gut-bacteria connection
    • gastrointestinal problems (Crohns, colitis, IBS) -- leaky gut, damaged beneficial bacteria
    • autism -- gut ailments, sulfate disruption, high levels of ammonia, aromatase deficiency, zinc deficiency
    • heart disease -- role of cholesterol, sulfate, and homocysteine: see transcript pp 24-27)
    • obesity, diabetes -- see transcript pp 27-30)
    • Alzheimer's -- low sulfatide (sulfur) to ceramide ratio
    • anxiety, depression, aggression/irrationality, livestock cannabalism/irritability -- low serotonin (all reversed when off GMO food)
    • Parkinson's -- low tyrosing -> low dopamine
    • reproductive issues from Roundup (glyphosate + adjuvants) -- birth defects, damage to placental tissue
    • cancer -- Seralini's mammary tumor creation, toxic phenols
    • multiple sclerosis -- myelin damage from sulfate/cholesterol/cobalamin disruption
    • cachexia (muscle wasting) -- low cholesterol and sulfate
  • Roundup presence in food
    • great increase in spraying
    • absorbed by plants (can't wash off)
  • Widespread anecdotal experience
    • Sudden recovery from wide variety of serious conditions resulting from GMO-food cessation
    • Radical difference in GMO-vs-non-GMO slaughtered animals (e.g. can't use U.S. guts for sausage casing)

A bit more by/about Stephanie Seneff
  1. Home page (many links to papers, slide presentations, news, etc.)
  2. Roundup: the Elephant in the Room (YouTube)
  3. Interview w/Dr. Mercola (YouTube, 7 parts)
  4. Seeds of Truth (Hawaii; YouTube, or a local audio mp3 w/out intro or Q&A)

Note: Seneff is controversial on two grounds -- her background is computer science rather than biology, and she is concerned about glyphosate's effects on human and bacterial systems. To be sure, her research consists of literature searches rather than direct experimentation, and she does a lot of connect-the-dots speculation. A search for [entropy seneff samsel], for instance, produces a host of "junk science" attacks based on this and various forms of the claim that glyphosate is safe. Given the growing body of direct, well-designed research that contradicts this latter claim, however, these attacks would seem to fall into the huge category of GMO-industry smears. And, in fact, she does have a degree in biology. She has a very effective response to these attacks in her Hawaiian "Seeds of Truth" lecture (above).

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