Fake News: Russia
Updated: 2 March 2017
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The primary thrust of the "Fake News" meme has been in line with the Clintonesque "New Cold War" rhetoric of the past several years -- i.e., Russia is to blame for everything that goes wrong. Any information that flies in the face of this is declared to be "Russian propaganda." The examples of this are becoming almost too numerous to document. Here are a few. To the extent that some of this references RT, the meme will declare the material to be "Russian propaganda," even though the facts provided are simply references to reality.

  1. Podesta's email? -- I have heard allegations of a December 2015 email in the Wikileaks leaked Podesta emails archive that suggests a plan to blame the Russians if things went badly for Clinton, but I've so far been unable to locate that email.
  2. "Grabbing" Crimea
    1. Historical Timeline

  3. Invasion of Ukraine -- still claimed despite debunking in 2015
    1. German TV channel under fire over fake 'Russian tanks in Ukraine
    2. Busted: Kiev MPs try to fool US senator with 'proof' of Russian tanks in Ukraine (PHOTOS)
    3. Senator "Duped" Into Using Old Photos to Promote New War With Russia