Assassination of John F. Kennedy
(Updated: 26 April 2016)
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By the fall of 1963, the Kennedy brothers had made enough enemies to fill an old hotel full of suspects in an Agatha Christie mystery.
-- Russ Baker, Family of Secrets

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  1. George H.W. Bush and the JFK Hit: a WhoWhatWhy series by Russ Baker,
    excerpted from his Family of Secrets (PDFs w/links to originals)
    1. Bush of the CIA   (original)
    2. Viva Zapata   (original)
    3. Where was Poppy that day?   (original)
    4. Barbara's hair-raising day   (original)
    5. Who is Mr. deMohrenschildt   (original)
    6. The Cold War Comes To Dallas   (original)
    7. The Empire Strikes Back   (original)
    8. Prepping a Patsy   (original)
    9. Planning a Nightmare on Elm Street   (original)
    10. After Camelot   (original)

  2. Films
    1. The Jim Garrison Tapes (YouTube; 1:31)
      A thorough documentary review of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison's investigation in the conspiracy to kill Kennedy, with countless gems of witness statements.
    2. Thirteen Days (YouTube; 2:20)
      An excellent dramatized documentary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, focusing on the tension between JFK and a military bent on nuclear war.
    3. The Dark Legacy
      John Hankey's film, part 3 of which makes use of Baker's information.
    4. The Lone Gunman Evidence: Warren Report vs. Conspiracy
      Panel discussion on recent evidence (2004, taped by CSPAN)
      Part 1 (YouTube; 2:13)
      Part 2 (YouTube; 1:37)

  3. Why he was killed
    1. JFK's American University Speech (PDF; original)
      Kennedy's June 10, 1963 speech essentially announcing his intention to end the Cold War, flew in the face of the entire national security state apparatus that surrounded him and was trying (and failing) to control him.
    2. The Hope in Confronting the Unspeakable in the Assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (PDF; excellent original)
      A speech given by James Douglass, author of the remarkable book JFK and the Unspeakable -- Why He Died and Why It Matters
    3. A dozen reasons to kill him (PDF)
      Adapted from the above speech: JFK said it would take 3 "Bays of Pigs" type confrontations with the military/intelligence to prompt a coup. Here are twelve (there are more), leading in a crescendo to the end.
    4. RFKjr on JFK's road towards peace (PDF; Rolling Stone original)
      This details some of the "Bays of Pigs" referred to above.
    5. Fidel Castro's speech on the assassination -- 23 November 1963 (PDF; original)
      Fidel got it right just one day later, and the U.S. mainstream never has.

  4. The cover-up
    1. CIA role
      1. Project Mockingbird
      2. CIA advice to media partners (1967)
      3. Carl Bernstein's Rolling Stone expose (1977)
    2. CBS's role
      1. Overview -- James DiEugenio, 2016 (PDF; original)
      2. Roger Feinman's 2004 film script (PDF,43pp; original)
    3. CIA photo expert: processing the Zapruder film (PDF; reformatted from original)
      An interview with Homer McMahon, a expert who worked for the ultra-secret CIA National Photographic Information Center, on what was done with the original Zapruder film.

  5. Oswald's biography instantly appears world-wide -- a smoking gun (PDF; original)
    Col. L. Fletcher Prouty on seeing a full bio of Oswald in New Zealand newspaper on The Day (before Oswald named as JFK's killer)

The head shot, showing the backward head snap

Warren Commission portraits
  1. Earl Warren -- Needed for credibiliy; turned down LBJ's insistence that he head up the commission, then LBJ threatened him with revealing something that J.Edgar had unearthed about an event in Mexico City and Warren said he'd do whatever LBJ asked.
  2. Rep. Gerald Ford -- friend of J.Edgar Hoover, acted as an FBI informant within the Commission, mentioned CIA destruction/hiding of certain records, assigned to write Oswald bio, strong supporter of Specter's "magic bullet."
  3. Sen. Richard Russell -- LBJ mentor, white supremacist segregationist Senator, defeated most earlier civil rights legislation, rejected Specter's "magic bullet."
  4. Sen. John Cooper -- Senator appointed by JFK for secret fact-finding missions to Moscow and New Delhi, strongly opposed escalation of Vietnam War, rejected Specter's "magic bullet."
  5. John McCloy -- Friend of Alan Dulles, strong connections to the German Nazis, longtime chair of the Council on Foreign Relations; had much responsibility for final wording of the commission's conclusions.
  6. Rep. Hale Boggs -- Rejected Specter's "magic bullet;" his disappearance in a plane crash in Alaska is attributed by some to his knowledge of the Warren Commission.
  7. Allen Dulles -- former head of CIA, had been fired by JFK and thus a strong enemy of JFK, directed the staff (much like Philip Zelikow later mis-directed the 9/11 Commission).

    Assistant Counsels
  8. Arlen Specter -- Created the single bullet theory, in which the Warren Commission's alleged three shots were: one shot hit JFK's head, one missed entirely, leaving one bullet to accomplish seven more wounds. Specter's "magic bullet":
  9. He also came up with a lot of other misinformation.
  10. David Belin -- Supported Commission findings until his death.