Letter to the Editor Announcing
the SWH Library Showing of AE911's Blueprint for Truth (2008)

(appeared in the MD Islander, 8 September 2011

Ten years.

9/11. A terrible day that spawned many terrible things, both for our republic and for millions of people all over the world. And yet what do we understand about what happened that day?

Most of us believe that nineteen men hijacked four passenger jets and with them destroyed or damaged many buildings, killed thousands of people, and ended any national innocence we might have had. Parts of it we saw with our own eyes, parts of it we were told about.

But there are growing problems with that story. Serious problems have emerged as more photographic and video analysis has become available, along with stories from first-responders and eye-witnesses, and physical and chemical analysis of the wreckage in New York. Each of the government investigations has turned out to have serious flaws. As more evidence accumulates, the story we all know becomes shakier, and the proportion of the American public that is skeptical gets larger.

Amidst all this there are obviously crazy claims -- directed energy weapons, small nuclear bombs, etc. But there are also serious professionals whose expertise and experience has prompted them to examine the growing evidence in their own fields. These include scientists, engineers, architects, pilots, fire-safety experts, military personnel, former intelligence officials, and many others. And what they find are problems with the "official" story.

One such organization, consisting of a growing number of licensed professional architects and engineers (currently over 1500) is Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (http://ae911truth.org). It has put together "Blueprint for 9/11 Truth," a film presentation on the problems with the World Trade Center story.

The film examines the physical/chemical nature of the residues of the destruction. It presents the violations of the laws of physics and clear scientific fraud embodied in the government reports on the collapse of not only the Twin Towers, but also of the 47-story WTC Building 7. Few Americans have seen the stunning videos of that 47-story skyscraper inexplicably falling into its own footprint on the afternoon of 9/11, after sustaining only minor damage and small fires.

The film has been shown in public presentations all over the world. The vast majority of those who view it, whether initially skeptical or not, come away agreeing that something is very wrong with the official story.

That film will be shown at the Southwest Harbor Public Library at 7:30 PM this Friday, September 9th.

Some people assert that we should not get obsessed with what did or didn't happen on 9/11. And yet on every anniversary since that horrible day, and particularly this 10th year, we are subject to an obsessive repetition of the scenes and the official story. If you want a better picture of what did -- and didn't -- happen, come see the film.

Dick Atlee
Southwest Harbor