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Coffee Clash Presentation & Supplementary Materials
(updated 14 March 2011)

Coffee Clash Presentation

  • The Smoking Gun? Slide Show
    Building 7: Basic info; building structure; NIST's "thermal expansion to progressive collapse" argument, problems with that, scientific fraud, the alternative theory (controlled demolition), appendix on steel removal
  • Building What? How SCADs Can Be Hidden in Plain Sight
    This 2010 treatise by 9/11 Truth movement religious-philsopher-turned-investigator Dr. David Ray Griffin was not part of the ASC presentation, but is quite relevant to the issue of WTC Building 7. It examines the building's collapse, and NIST's response, in the context of the SCAD phenomenon -- state crime against democracy -- and how it can be completely hidden by compliant investigators and press. He does a good job of raising some of the same issues related to WTC7's collapse that are covered in the presentation above.